The Buzz is...

A school holiday programme that St Alban's Presbyterian Church runs regularly for primary and intermediate school-aged children.

The programme runs for both weeks of each mid-term school holidays, a few days in the week before Christmas, and also runs for two weeks in the January school holidays.

The bible-based programme consists of games, activities, stories, songs, dramas, crafts, bouncy castle, and lots more fun things.

  • Bee Creative
  • Bee Safe
  • Bee there!
  • Bee busy

What we do

  • Games
  • Activities
  • Songs
  • DVD day – Thursday
  • Bouncy Castle Day – Wednesday
  • Dress up day – most days
  • Stories
  • Dramas

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make payment? You can pay by cheque, cash, Internet or phone banking.

Can we get WINZ support? Yes

Are you an approved holiday service provider? YES we are fully OSCAR approved.

What do I do about food? NOTHING we will provide everything your child needs, providing they have a normal diet. If your child has specific dietary needs please note this on your enrolment form.

What happens on the day? All children are signed in first thing in the morning. From there they put their bag in our gear room and then they go and make their name tag. The day starts when the children are given the days theme, behaviour expectations and safety guidelines. Then the fun begins and doesn’t stop till the end of the day when you sign your child out.

My child has special needs, can they still attend? We try to take all children into our programme. If your child needs a care worker/helper or has special requirements please contact us BEFORE you enrol so we can discuss this with you.


"The Buzz Block" from our July Programme.


Teamwork from our July programme.